Paul's Unofficial Letterbox Pages: Letter Boxes from Around the World

Letter Boxes from Around the World

Red pillar box in Sydney, Australia

Ornate red pillar box.
Photo copyright © Richard P Wicks

Edwardian 'Penfold' in New Zealand

Red hexagonal pillar box.
Photo copyright © R J Wicks

Red 'Urgent' pillar Box in Majorca

Red pillar box with the word URGENT written on the side.
Photo copyright © Rosalind Wicks

French letter box painted yellow

Yellow POSTES box attached to a wall.
Photo copyright © Rosalind Wicks

U.S. Mail lamp box at Disneyland

Green U.S. MAIL box attached to a lamp post.
Photo copyright © Rosalind Wicks

Old Argentinian wall mounted letter box.

Wall mounted letter box with the words BUZON CORREOS.
Photo copyright © Rio Negro

Letter boxes in Funchal, Madeira

Photo copyright © Peter Herring

Copyright © Paul Wicks 2002