Paul's Unofficial Letterbox Pages: Collecting Letter Boxes

Collecting Letter Boxes

It is possible to collect real letter boxes (my mother currently has three in her garden) but there are many smaller letter box related items that can be aquired. These include:
money boxes - models - fridge magnets - biscuit jars - teapots - sweet boxes - badges - key rings - salt & pepper pots - thimbles - postcards - toys - Christmas and birthday cards - wrapping paper - games - etc.

I receive a lot of requests asking me where real letter boxes can be obtained from. I am happy to include a link from the references and links section of this website for anyone who supplies British letter boxes. The Letter Box Study Group also sometimes have details of letter boxes for sale in their newsletter.

Model and toy letter boxes are available made from many materials including brass, glass, wood, cardboard, china, tin, wax, plastic, or even knitted from wool.

Letter box money boxes and model pillar boxes in a display case.

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